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High School Tutors Always Ready to Help

Our subject focused high school tutors are available now, ready to help you stay on top of your grades. 

Only the best tUTORS

Choose only from the best. Our qualified, accredited and experienced tutors are real teachers and have everything you need to help your child improve.

All online and on demand

On-demand live video learning support tailored to you and at any time you need.

Learning support for all subjects

We have a range of high school teachers specialising in all high school subjects and year groups. We also have specialist HSC tutors ready to help.

Affordable lessons

We offer competitive pricing so you don't have to break the bank to get the learning support you need.

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What do other parents say?

"HomeTeacher is easy to use and the teachers are professional and super friendly. Our tutor almost jumps out of the screen and engages our son so well. He looks forward to catching up with her for some work every week. That he 'looks forward' to a tutoring session says it all."
Ben Grozier
"My son is doing his HSC this year and we have been very worried about his performance due to the Coronavirus and no class time. We have engaged HomeTeacher to help and the support has been great. He feels more confident now. We will continue with our chosen tutor on HomeTeacher."
Suze Baigelman
"HomeTeacher gives me an hour to get my day's most important work done without distraction. Our Home Teacher engaged our daughter immediately, has supported her home schooling and also helped bolster her confidence with Maths. It's such a blessing to have her sign in every week."
Alison o'toole
"HomeTeacher has been great. We have been using the service regularly since we've been homeschooling during the Coronavirus. We will certainly continue to use HomeTeacher when school goes back to help my daughter with her grades. Well done!"
Andrew greaves
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We will match you with the perfect teacher and send you session details within 24 hours

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