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HomeTeacher Independent Contractor Agreement

  1. In this agreement “HomeTeacher” is Class Cover Pty Ltd and “Teacher” is a person who applies to become a teacher on the HomeTeacher platform or provides Services on the HomeTeacher platform.
  2. HomeTeacher engages the Teacher as an independent contractor to perform online learning engagements on the HomeTeacher platform (Services).
  3. The Teacher will be engaged on an engagement-by-engagement basis. There is no minimum number of engagements and no guarantee of ongoing engagements.
  4. HomeTeacher will pay the Teacher the rate specified on the HomeTeacher platform for each engagement. All rates include GST, if applicable.
  5. HomeTeacher will pay the Teacher within 7 days of completing the session
  6. The Teacher must use their own equipment and facilities to perform the Services (including their own computer and internet connection) and will be responsible for all expenses incurred in providing the Services.
  7. The Teacher must have their own ABN and pay all applicable taxes, including GST if applicable and PAYG.
  8. The Teacher must have all qualifications and accreditations necessary to perform the Services.
  9. The Teacher must carry out the Services in a conscientious, professional and competent manner.
  10. The Teacher may provide services to other people during the term of this agreement, provided there is no conflict with the provision of the Services to HomeTeacher.
  11. The Teacher will be an independent contractor and not an employee. The Teacher will not bring any claim against HomeTeacher based on an assertion that the Teacher is an employee of HomeTeacher.
  12. The Teacher indemnifies HomeTeacher against all claims, damages, costs and liabilities that arise: (a) as a consequence of the Teacher providing the Services; (b) from a breach of this agreement by the Teacher; or (c) as a result of the Teacher being deemed to be an employee of HomeTeacher.
  13. The Teacher must not use or disclose any confidential information they receive as a result of providing the Services, other than to properly perform the Services or as required by law. This applies during and after each engagement.
  14. For six months after each engagement, the Teacher will not have any dealings with any customer of HomeTeacher that it has dealings with while performing the Services, unless HomeTeacher has provided its express written consent.
  15. This agreement may be terminated for any reason by either party giving 1 day’s written notice. The agreement may be terminated without notice if there is serious misconduct or a serious breach of this agreement. HomeTeacher can also stop providing engagements to the Teacher at any time and for any reason.
  16. This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties about its subject matter and no party has relied on any representations other than what is in this contract. It may only be varied by agreement in writing signed by each party.
  17. This agreement will be governed by the laws of New South Wales.
  1. This agreement will be deemed to have been accepted if the Teacher indicates on the HomeTeacher platform that they accept these terms, if the Teacher continues to use the HomeTeacher platform after being made aware of these terms or if they accept an assignment on the HomeTeacher platform.