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Teachers Can Apply Now

Become a teacher on HomeTeacher and be a part of the movement. Support children learning from home and your fellow casual teachers in need of extra income support.

What is HomeTeacher and who is behind it?

HomeTeacher is a new service that connects parents who need extra learning support for their school aged children with accredited teachers, to engage in one-on-one online learning for a set time. 

HomeTeacher is brought to you by ClassCover, the platform that connects thousands of schools with thousands of casual teachers across Australia and New Zealand.  

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemicHomeTeacher’s goal is to connect out of work casual teachers who are in need of extra income to parents and children in urgent need of learning support during this time. 

Pricing and how you will get paid

HomeTeacher will have blanket pricing across all teachers at this point.  

The cost of each session is $60 for one hour 

HomeTeacher will retain $15 of each payment in order to cover costs. These include insurance, marketing, hostingand the cost to run the video conferencing software.

For each hour taught, you will receive $45 gross and will be responsible for declaring this in order to pay any taxes owing on your income. 

HomeTeacher Teacher

How to apply and requirements to join

Are you interested in being a part of HomeTeacher? We would love to have you onboard!  

We are taking applications now.

Requirements to join 

  • You must have a ClassCover account with a full and complete profile.  
    This is how we can assure that you are accredited and qualified to teach with all the relevant certifications. This means your teaching registration number (such as NESA if you are in NSW), and your Working With Children Check (WWCC) as a minimum. 

    Not on ClassCover? Sign up now and complete your profile

  • You will need an ABN number in order to take payment for tutor bookings 
    It’s quick, easy and free to set up an ABN. We have put together this handy guide on how to easily apply and obtain an ABN. 
  • You must be comfortable with using video conferencing  
    It’s important that you have basic knowledge of how to run a lesson online, or are willing and confident that you can learn fast.