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Here's What You Need to Know About HomeTeacher

HomeTeacher, brought to you by ClassCover, is home to highly qualified and experienced teacher tutors, ready to assist your child in their learning.

What is HomeTeacher?

Are you worried about gaps in your child’s education? Or are you noticing that your child is in need of extra learning support in order to stay on top?  

HomeTeacher is home to highly qualified and experienced teachers who are ready to assist your child in their learning, all from the comfort of your own home online! 

All of our teacher tutors come with years of experience, follow the Australian curriculum and are currently and actively teaching in schools across Australia.

Who is behind HomeTeacher?

HomeTeacher is brought to you by ClassCover, an app that connects thousands of schools with over 50,000 casual teachers.

Since 2015, ClassCover has been the leader in casual teacher placement, simplifying the booking and management of casual teachers in every state in Australia and New Zealand.